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Ezkal is a new model artisanal luxury brand. We collaborate with talented artisans to create products of quality and meaning.



Better Tomorrow

Sustainability x Ezkal

Sustainability and Principles

Ezkal is committed to creating a better future.

  • We have a strong belief in sustainability, the environment and ethical practices. We’ve developed a set of core principles that guide everything we do.

  • We are proud to only work with partners whose values, committment to the sustainability and business practices align with our own.

  • Baobab is a brand with a high level of environmental commitment. For every swimsuit you purchase we will plant a tree on your behalf. By doing such we seek to raise awareness about the importance of giving back to earth and henceforth growing passion for nature.


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About Ezkal

Ezkal is a new brand focused on curating the best Latin American design.

  • So, what does Ezkal actually mean?

    Ezkal stands for artisanal luxury.

  • Where are most of Ezkal products made?

    Ezkal brands are made in Mexico and Colombia.

  • Where can I buy Ezkal products?

    They will soon be available at store throughout Australia and New Zealand, or online at these Ezkal stores.

  • Can I preorder new items before release?

    Yes. Reach out and we do whatever we can to help you.


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